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Is getting a Lash Lift worth it?

So, I am here to answer your most pressing questions on lash lifts and tints, no worries. So first question usually are; will it damage my natural lashes? Spoiler alert.... Lash Lift and Tint wont do any damages to your lashes when done by a trained & licensed professional.

Now the other question; Is it worth it?

Lash lifting gives you amazing lashes for up to 2 months. Some might be lucky to make to month 3. That means you get the beauty of waking up to gorgeous lashes every morning without the needs of using mascara if you don't wish to.

If never had a lash lift but you have considered it, I am pretty sure you heard a variety of conflicting information on chemicals in the products, sensitivities to the adhesives or just potential damage to your natural lashes after the process. Firstly, what is Lash Lift?

Lash Lift is like a perm for your eyelashes to explain it simply. Lash Extensions tends to be a more dramatic result while lash lifts enhance your eyelashes more subtly. Lash lifts adds volume and more more shape and volume to your natural eyelashes without adhering lash extensions to your own. Conversely, lash tints temporarily dye your eyelashes to create a more striking color dynamic.

The Process

Before scheduling your appointment, ensure you do not have any underlying eye or skin conditions. Since there is perming involved this will come with potential risks for people who may be extremely sensitive. Symptoms of potential reactions may include:

  • Eye infections

  • Allergic reactions

  • Styes

  • Chronic dry eye

  • Watery eyes

The Lash Lift process takes about 45 minutes to complete. Remove any contact lens before your appointment. Completely rid your eyelids of anything that could interfere with the lash lift, cleaning all eye makeup, makeup remover oils, and mascara before the treatment. If you have any underlying eye condition, make sure you know your increased risks associated with lash lifts. Your beauty professional will ask about any sensitivities, allergens, or contraindications before your treatment begins. Experienced professionals can also determine the processing time based on your natural lashes thus reducing any potential for over-processing.

So if that doesn't answer the question well, here it is;

Lash Lifts are safe when done by a licensed professional. They look natural, enhance volumes and shapes your natural lashes. So the answer is; Yes

It is definitely worth it! Click the link to book your lash lift & tint treatment, today!

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