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Decided on PMU? What's next?

Pre-Prep- Booking your PMU Consultation

Call or book your consultation online. Bring with you pictures of current daily brows, pictures of brows you like. Read this section on PMU. Complete your forms sent to your email. Confirm your appointment 48 hours before.


The procedure area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated. Here’s how to get your skin ready for the procedure on the day.

Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis one week before the procedure

Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face/skin

Do not have any type of facial 2 weeks prior to treatment

Do not work out the day of the procedure.

Do not have Botox 3 weeks prior

Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior (natural blood thinners)

Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days before the procedure.

In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit

Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your tattoo

Do not consume coffee or any caffeine before your procedure

Do not take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood)

Over a week to appointment

These must be avoided at least 4 weeks before your PMU appointment.

  • Botox

  • facial/chemical peels of any kind (glycolic, hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, etc.)

These will require a doctor's written approval for PMU/Contouring if you;

  • have diabetes and under doctor care;

  • have been in remission from cancer for less than one year;

  • have high blood pressure; and/or

  • are using blood thinning prescriptions.

One Week Prior to appointment


  • all blood thinners, including ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, etc.;

  • oil supplements: fish oil, vitamin E oil;

  • antibiotics, iron supplements, magnesium;

  • strong/harsh skincare products such as Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, and strong acne treatment products; and/or

  • any mood-altering drugs such as Adderall, Xanax, etc.

Day of appointment


  • Consume food 20-30 minutes prior to your PMU appointment; this helps keep your blood sugar steady and will help ease you during the procedure and you will most likely be less sensitive. Ensure you block at least 4-5 hours on your schedule to accommodate service time.

  • Avoid caffeine 2-3 hours prior to the procedure as caffeine is a stimulant and will increase your sensitivity.

  • Consume food at least 2 hours before your Body Contouring treatment. Drink at least 1/2 your body weight of water in ounces at least 4-6 hours before session, same applies during sessions and following last session for about 1 week.

  • If you bruise easily, consider using Arnica prior to the procedure. You will receive proper aftercare cream to help with the healing process.

  • Ensure your paperwork have been completed.



Ultrasonic Cavitation- If you are menstruating, pregnant or breastfeeding, have infections and diseases of the high or unbalanced cholesterol, thyroid disease, and other hormonal disorders, any chronic diseases, immune diseases, heart disease or pacemakers, autoimmune diseases, HIV or AIDS, cancer in any form at any time, severe high blood pressure or circulation problems, liver or kidney disease, treatment with anti-inflammatory, anticoagulants, antibiotics, or you are under the age of 18 (persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parents and form signed.)

Temporary Makeup- Henna, Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting-If you have sensitive skin or have skin allergies to ink, dyes or certain plants such as Henna Plant.

Red Light Therapy Face Treatment-  If you are sensitive to light. If you are extremley sensitive to skin care products consult us prior to booking.

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent makeup is intended for anyone over the age of 18 (persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parents and form signed.) In order to successfully perform the treatment, the skin must not be in the regeneration process, i.e. it must not be damaged. Such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, pimples, or any damage in the eyebrows area. Pain during the treatment is relative. Scared clients usually compare such pain with the one that they feel when tweezing out their eyebrows. In addition, with women having their menstrual cycle, there is an increased sensitivity to pain, so it is not recommended to do the treatment during this time. Aphros Beauty uses light anesthetics, in the form of cream/gel, to eliminate pain during the treatment. Abrasive treatments such as peelings, fruit acids, chemical peels, laser treatments, and similar should be avoided a month before the treatment. Also, one month before the treatment, Botox or fillers should NOT be used. The pigment is applied manually in the surface layer of the dermis. The pigment is determined according to the natural color of the eyebrows and hair. Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hair growth in order to achieve a hyper-realistic eyebrow look. Treatment is done by using disposable tools, while pigments are of the highest standard, touch up is done 4-6 weeks after the treatment as 10-15% of strokes are lost after the first treatment. The inserted pigment is very dark during the first 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, it loses up to 40% of its intensity. If you think that pigment is too dark, do not try to fade it by yourself. Be patient, wait for 7 days until it fades away naturally. For how long the pigment will be retained mostly depends on the skin's oiliness. The oilier the skin is the shorter pigment retention is. Sweating and sun exposure also affect pigment retention.  On average, the expected time until new refreshment of pigment is 10 to 12 months. If the skin is oily, it takes up to 6 months. Healing is completely done 28 days later and then it is necessary to add the pigment that was lost in the meanwhile. If the skin is problematic and oily, several such corrections can be made. Post-treatment care makes 70% of total treatment success. Please follow Aphros Beauty's after-care regime given after treatment.

Disclaimer: You may not be pregnant, nursing or diabetic to receive any PMU treatment. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hair stroke technique. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because we’re impacting color closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine.

This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural-looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. People suffering from alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows. However, persons with oily skin are not ideal for this treatment as the oil in the skin will push pigment out at a fast rate causing pre-mature fading.

The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them. The results are a natural, flawless, fuller-looking brow. Initially, the brows appear darker but fade significantly over a two-week period. It is absolutely crucial to have a touch-up done, as it is very difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment. Our permanent make-up services include 1 touch-up 4-6 weeks after. If you decide on not coming in within that time recommended any touch-up after 6 weeks is an additional cost.

What are Ombre' Brows?

 Ombre' brows or powder brows is performed with a cosmetic machine. This will give your brows a beautiful fuller look, great for very sparse brows, lasts 1-3 years depending on your after care. A touchup treatment is recommended within 4-6 weeks of treatment. This is considered the 2nd step of the process. Ombré Powder Brows differs from traditional tattooing in that it is surface work—meaning, the application is done on the epidermis layer of the skin. The technique is described by its name, with results being powdery with a faded front and a crisp tail, resembling the look of makeup. Ombré powder brows are achieved using a small machine, which disperses extremely fine dots of pigments even into and across the skin in an airbrush or shading technique. Ombré powder brows are less painful due to the airbrush-like technique we apply, which creates less trauma to the skin vs. the blading technique of microblading. Results do vary based on lifestyle, skin type, health, preferences, etc., but a single ombré powder brows session, using high-quality pigments, can last on average 1-3 years. Ombré powder brows are great for any skin type. While Ombré powder brows have a more “filled-in” look, the healed results appear like softly shaded brow pencil or powder. Immediately after the treatment, Ombré powder brows can appear more saturated and bold, however, brows will fade 20-30%, leaving a very soft finish and shape that will allow our clients to quickly groom their brows going forward. Our permanent make-up 1st touch up is booked at a $99 rate following1st session. If you decide on not coming in within the 6-8 weeks time recommended any touch-up after 8 weeks is an additional cost.

What is Henna?

 Henna eyebrows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. Temporary treatment. Lasts 1-3 weeks. Book this session if not ready to commit to PMU and if you are always filling out your brows. Includes brow mapping.

The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrow hair is still present, blend perfectly into them and the skin area of where has been mapped. The results are a natural, flawless, fuller-looking brow. Initially, the brows appear darker but fade significantly over a two-week period. Henna products are made from natural ingredients and of the best quality. Always inform specialists if you are allergic to ink or henna powder. This includes brow mapping and shaping and is a vegan-based organic option of tinitng.

What is Brow Lamination?

 This semi-permanent procedure is perfect if you’re tired of using eyebrow gel every day but want to keep your brows styled a certain way. It’s a great alternative to microblading, eyebrow tattoos, and other permanent makeup. Brow lamination is a painless, brow enhancement procedure that involves a chemical solution to create thicker, fuller-looking brows with minimal cost and effort. Besides producing a smooth and shiny brushed-up look, this procedure can also help fill out patchy brows, address brow thinning, and give unruly brows more shape. The process is similar to perming, but the brows are straightened instead of curled. Brow lamination creates the perfect brow shape by brushing the brow hairs into the desired position with a lamination solution. The brow hair is brushed upwards and outwards to create a full look. This service is paired with a brow tint to enhance the color and add more definition for a flawless result.

Brow lamination is suitable for all skin/hair types, but is best if you have brow hair. The results last 5-8 weeks with minimum maintenance required. Brow tint on skin will last 3-7 days. Unless you suffer from extreme skin sensitivity, brow lamination is a safe procedure when carried out by our qualified brow artist. 

Benefits of Brow Lamination are 

  • It’s a non-invasive, painless, and affordable procedure offering long-lasting results.

  • It gives natural-looking, fuller brows.

  • It helps you save time during your morning makeup routine.

  • You’ll have selfie-ready brows all the time.

  • Thicker brows generally give you a more youthful look and can help boost your confidence.

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic or ultrasound cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology (sound waves) to break down fat cells stubbornly clinging below the skin. It is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat and has virtually no side effects or recovery time. 

This procedure involves applying pressure on fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to make the fat cells break down into a liquid form. The fat cell membrane is disintegrated, and the body’s natural detoxifying processes take care of the rest. The body can then get rid of it as waste through your urine. The ultrasound frequency used only affects fat cells, so no other tissues are damaged during treatment.


The week following your lipo cavitation treatment will reveal amazing results as your body rids itself of excess fat. For best results, you should undergo a series of 10 to 15 sessions (one - two sessions per week), however, you may still get great results with a minimum of 8 sessions. The number of sessions depends on client goals as well as other factors, including overall health, genetics, and diet.

Lipo cavitation is a revolutionary treatment, but it is not for everyone. Cavitation therapy may be contraindicated for those who:

  • Have/had cardiac health issues

  • Have/had cancer or chemotherapy within the last 6 months

  • Are pregnant or lactating

  • Nursing (must pump and dump for at least 72 hours)

  • Acute inflammation

  • Epilepsy

  • Unhealed wounds

  • Pacemaker or other electronic implanted device

  • Advanced untreated diabetes

  • Thrombosis/thrombophlebitis

  • Organ Transplant

This treatment is not a weight loss procedure. It is a method to contour the body by eliminating fat from stubborn areas that resist diet and exercise.

Prior to this appointment, it is advised to avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before and after treatment. Alcohol dehydrates the body and it is critical that you stay hydrated throughout your treatment. Do not eat for 2 hours before treatment. Maintenance treatments after initial results consist of 1 session each month for 4 months followed by one treatment every 4 months.

Upon arriving for your appointment you will complete your questionnaire, please tell your specialist about your medical history and any medications you are taking.. If adding wood therapy promises the results you want, then book this treatment at the next available spot as a add on or a separate treatment.

What is RED LIGHT FACE Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses light energy with a wavelength range of 633nm -830nm, that helps skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can’t see, but your body can feel as heat. Cells receiving light at this range converts to ATP which the cell uses in order to function.


Aging & anti-flammatory effects on the skin stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. This provides essential energy for cellular renewal, improving skin strength, elasticity and plumpness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red Light also increases circulation, assists with tightening and firming the skin. 

Treatment is for full 16 sessions , a total of 2 months to get the best results. Other options will also be available.

Other FAQ.

Do I need to take time off?

Permanent make-Up-No, you do not. Clients may resume normal activity directly following the procedure. Redness will alleviate in 1-2 days. Eyebrows will appear darker initially, but not so dark that you will be prevented from normal activities.
Body Contouring-No, you do not. Clients may resume normal activity directly following the procedure. Some clients may experience 
some tenderness or redness that occurs after treatment, gently ice the area for up to 15 minutes.

What if I do not retain pigment even after a few visits?

Permanent make-Up- In these circumstances, a third appointment is often set up so the brow artist can review the work and sort out possible tweaks, (if any) that may need to be done. Often time, a client will cancel this appointment as the brows will just take a little extra time forming to the finished look. However, there are the occasional few that may need one or two extra strokes to finish off the look. The skin may react in a way to try and push out the foreign body of pigment by producing an extreme scab, which eventually will fall off, taking all the pigment with it. A condition of Pigment Allergy or PPD (paraphenylenediamine) can cause an adverse reaction from the dye as well as any Auto-Immune diseases, which the client may not even be aware of. The skin would have overreacted and become super sensitive to the pigment and reject it at any cost.

Does it hurt?

Permanent make-Up- Everyone acquires a different level of sensitivity, so it is impossible to give a direct answer. A topical anesthetic (cream/gel) is always applied prior to and throughout the treatment, this will alleviate any sensation or discomfort. Some clients may even feel more sensitive with one brow than the other. You will hear a scratch-like noise during the procedure, this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.
Music is usually played during the procedure, however, feel free to bring your own earphones and music to listen to.
Body Contouring-Mild redness may appear occasionally but will be highly unlikely to cause any actual pain. The heat from the handpieces felt during the treatment is perfectly tolerable. In fact, most patients report that they found the treatment relaxing and therapeutic. Some have even fallen asleep during their procedure, which tells you just how pain-free Ultrasound Cavitation & Wood Therapy is.

Is it safe?

Permanent make-Up-Absolutely! We only use sterilized, disposable needles and supplies. Items unable to be disposables are covered and sanitized.
Body Contouring-Yes. It is completely non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, results in no bruising, scarring, or downtime for recovery. It causes no disruption to surrounding vascular, muscular, and nervous tissues. Some clients may experience temporary skin redness, swelling, and/or numbness to the treated areas.

Red Light Therapy- Yes. Do not book if extremely sensitive to light or if your skin reacts to any skin products etc.

What can't I do after the service?

Permanent make-Up-You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry – that means no swimming, sweating, getting the area wet, no tanning, no having prolonged sun exposure, no picking, peeling, scratching, or rubbing the area. These may attribute to the loss of color and scarring. Washing your hair and face may still be done, as long as the brows are not completely submerged in water. Once they have healed up entirely, you are free to treat them as your own.
Body Contouring
For 72 hours following treatment drink a LOT of water. We recommend you consume 1/2 of your body weight in ounces every day for three days. For example: if you weigh 150 lbs, you should drink 75 oz of water. If you weigh 200 lbs, you should drink 100 oz. Wear a waist trainer up to 2 hours after your treatment (Shop Waist Trainer)Do not eat for 2 hours after treatment. Get a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio after treatment. HIGHLY recommended that you do any infrared Solo-Carbon Sauna treatment following your ultrasonic cavitation as this will maximize your results.

Can you guarantee it will look perfect?

Permanent make-Up-Unfortunately, we cannot. It is impossible to predict how the skin will react in each individual and many factors are taken into consideration; skin type, age, scarring, diet, stress levels, facial products used, etc. These all play a key role in how the pigment will hold, which is why it is crucial to know that more than one touch-up may be required. We treat our client’s brows as our own and offer the best possible treatment as we can. Using our experience and expertise to give the absolute best outcome possible. We guarantee to strive for complete satisfaction in the design of your brows every time and of course strive to give you perfect brows. Again, we do have to reiterate that there are no guarantees in this industry. Please carefully take into account all aspects of the process and decide carefully if having your eyebrows microbladed is right for you.
Body Contouring- As with any service results are depended on many factors. Results vary but many clients have shown desired results which we have seen to work. Now, this may be after 3 sessions or 8 sessions, even some may be after 12 sessions. This will add to a healthy lifestyle followed by consistent maintenance and drinking lots of water that flushes the toxins out. Do note factors such as what we eat, stress level, hormonal 
imbalance, daily water intake, exercise level will play key role in our results.

What if I don't like it?

Permanent make-Up-Although Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent, the procedure does allow flexibility for color or shape change to some extent. However, we will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction with the proposed technique. We always allow for you to have input during the brow mapping process and have you confirm before moving on so there is very little room for error. If you are unhappy with your original decision, the touch-up may be canceled and the pigmented area will naturally fade away over time. If you are not 100% sure you would benefit from this procedure, please opt for a more temporary option.
Body Contouring- Both Ultrasonic Cavitation and Wood Therapy are more relaxing than being in any type of discomfort. You may feel tingling  with the cavitation while the sound waves are zapping the fat cells and slightly red from both having to work the area repeatedly but overall it is relaxing and rejuvenating. Clients have options to bring earbuds, be on their phone or read during treatment. You may always book 1 session if unsure of if you will like it or go for the full package and get that body toned and sculpted, trust me you will love it!


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