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Skincare 101: How to start a basic skincare routine.

The Importance of a Skincare Routine

When it comes to taking care of your skin, establishing a daily skincare routine is crucial. While it may initially appear overwhelming to select the right products amidst the sea of options available, it is actually a straightforward process. All you need to do is identify your skin's specific concerns and choose products tailored to address them.

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing should always be your top priority, regardless of your skin type or concerns. Why is it so important? Let's break it down. In the morning, cleansing is essential to remove any debris and dead skin cells that have accumulated overnight. Additionally, it is crucial to cleanse your skin in the morning to eliminate any residual nighttime skincare products that were applied the night before. Often, we use heavier moisturizers at night, and these need to be thoroughly removed before starting our morning routine.

At night, cleansing plays a key role in removing makeup and any accumulated dirt or pollution from the day. Neglecting this step can lead to clogged pores and provide a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in pesky breakouts. Those stubborn, under-the-surface bumps are often caused by inadequate cleansing.

If you regularly wear makeup, use heavy sunscreen, spend time outdoors, or lead an active lifestyle, it is even more crucial to prioritize a thorough cleansing routine. Start your cleansing routine with our Cucumber Daily Cleanser. This foaming gel cleanser is gentle, yet super effective at eliminating dirt, impurities, and dry or dead skin providing a refreshing cleansing routine.

It works overtime by trapping moisture and keeping skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven tone keeping your skin on top of its game. All skin types can benefit from using this cleanser, we offer a variety of cleansers for you to explore and find the one that suits your specific needs.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Now that we have cleaned the skin, it is important to exfoliate your skin and get rid of excessive dead dry skin. This step can be done using either a chemical or physical exfoliant to thoroughly cleanse your skin. The accumulation of debris and dead skin cells is a common cause of breakouts on the skin's surface.

So, how do you choose the right exfoliator? There are two main types of exfoliations: chemical and physical. Both types have advantages that make them suitable for different skin types and conditions, similar to the way sunscreens work.

Physical exfoliants, such as scrubs and sugars, use friction to physically remove dead skin cells. They are effective at breaking down larger debris that can be easily detached. Physical exfoliants are best for people who have concerns with dry patches, flaky skin, dehydration, and skin that is not easily sensitized and is easy to use as a home care routine. However, they can be irritating for sensitive or breakout-prone skin due to the friction and increased blood circulation caused by rubbing them onto the skin.

Chemical exfoliants, such as AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs, break the chemical bonds that hold our skin cells together, allowing them to lift away when the skin is rinsed. They are highly effective at removing smaller molecules and are suitable for people who have concerns with pore size, breakouts, pigmentation, aging, and even sensitive skin, depending on the specific chemical exfoliant used. These are best used by a professional if you are not quite sure how and when to use them.

For a gentle daily exfoliation, you can try the Exfoliating Face Scrub made from our blend of nourishing vitamins and fruit extracts. This exfoliant is not abrasive, is eco- friendly and dissolve in water providing a much gentler exfoliation process leaving skin soft and smooth.

Once rinsed, the castor oil leaves skin smooth and moisturized. Our renewing fruit extract complex helps soothe and calm skin after exfoliation and fight against the appearance of aging. If you are seeking more powerful results, book a Chemical peel with our Esthetician who can opt for a chemical based exfoliant in the facial. This treatment deeply resurfaces the skin, helping to fade the appearance of dark spots, lines, wrinkles, and rough texture. Book a FREE Skin Analysis to learn more.

If you are still unsure which exfoliant is best suited for your skin, we recommend checking out our other list of products here to learn more.

Step 3: Tone

Now let's move on to the next step, which is preparing your face for treatments and moisturizers. Toners play a crucial role in refreshing your skin and making it ready to absorb the benefits of subsequent moisturizing products. The Fresh Green Tea Face Toner is an excellent choice. It is combined with the natural freshness of Green and White Tea with a blend of Fruit Extracts and Aloe Leaf Juice to create an antioxidant-rich toner to nourish skin.

The complex essential amino acids in this toner provide a youth-boosting moisture to tone, hydrate and soften skin. Ingredients such as Niacinamide and Mandelic Acid help brighten and even skin complexion. You can use it after your cleanser or as a pick-me-up throughout the day when you purchase the spray size.

Step 4: Treat

Since each person has unique skin types and concerns such as blackheads, pimples, and oiliness, it's important to use products that can address these specific issues and improve overall skin health. Aphros Beauty offers a range of targeted serums that are designed to treat specific skin concerns and deliver instant as well as long-term results. From our Aphros Beauty Collection or our Phytomer Collection.

If you're struggling with pimples, the Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid by Phytomer is a highly recommended treatment. It is a lightweight, gel-cream formula that purifies and mattifies the skin diminishing comedones and pimples.

This spot treatment can be applied on both existing and underlying breakouts.

If you're looking for more comprehensive care on fine lines and wrinkles, consider the Phytomer Wrinkle & Dark Spot Correction This innovative treatment handles both dark spot removal potency as well as fine lines and wrinkles combined. This micro-emulsion serum contains two active flagship marine ingredients: OLIGOMER® concentrated seawater and Marine Eternal blue micro-algae to target dark spots and wrinkles. Its dewy texture, combining all the comfort of an oil and the effectiveness of a serum, envelops the skin in light and delivers intense hydration

For nighttime use, consider the Nighttime Ageless Complex Serum. This serum combats dry, dull skin and wake up with refreshed, moisturized skin. While you sleep, this cutting-edge serum helps retexture and refine the skin’s appearance. The synergistic vitamin blend includes a combination of vitamins C, E, A, and Provitamin B5 works to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and supports the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

For more information on selecting the right serum, you can refer to our list of products or come see us at the Spa.

Step 5: Moisturize

After cleansing, exfoliating, toning and treating your skin, the final step is moisturizing, which is beneficial for all skin types, including combination and oily skin.

In the morning, we recommend using a moisturizer with SPF for added sun protection. SPF's not only restores hydration but also shields your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. These rays are invisible to the naked eye but can cause significant damage and even burns.

At night, it's best to choose a nourishing moisturizer without sunscreen, such as the Hydrating Face Moisturizer This lightweight non-greasy yet deeply soothing moisturizer, works quick by absorbing and improving the appearance of skin for a subtle healthier look. With aloe-infused water and hyaluronic acid blended with vitamins E, C & B creates a powerful complex to lock in moisture.

You will see instant powerful results, dramatic long-lasting results, and smoother quenched skin.

For even more intense replenishment, the Phytomer Wrinkle Plumping Cream moisturizer is a great choice and who doesnt want to diminish wrinkles right? With 96% naturally derived ingredients to smooth wrinkles and leave the skin veiled in comfort. This revamped cream provides a beautiful sensory experience thanks to its richly silky texture, feminine floral scent, and the wrinkle smoothing formula enriched with Red Vegetal Coral and Brown Algae Extract to correct expression lines and fill in deep wrinkles and loss of volume. After 7 days**, facial lines are smoothed. In 1 month**, deeper wrinkles look reduced, and the skin is smoothed and more comfortable. To learn more about our range of moisturizers and find the right one for you, refer to our list of moisturizers.

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