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Is a PMU touch-up really needed?

So, a lot of clients think why do I need to do a touch-up since my brows already look fabulous. However permanent make-up (PMU) has a tendency to change over time depending on ink quality and skin type. In order to keep your PMU fresh and looking gorgeous, it is highly recommended to do a touch-up. Now there are two types. Your 1st 6 weeks touch-up and your annual touch-up. Your 1st 6 weeks touch-up is very important since we will be able to see how your skin is healed and if any color adjustments are needed since pigments will fade over time and how the pigment has blended in with your skin.

Now with your annual touch-up, this will be the perfect time to make any color change especially if you want to go slightly darker. Now if you follow all your aftercare processes properly and your color remains intact then an annual touch-up may not be required until later for Ombre brows. This type of treatment lasts longer than Microblading and some clients won't need a touch-up until 15-18 months later. It just depends on how your skin holds the pigment.

What can happen if you decide against a touch-up?

It is not impossible to see blue or green eyebrows although quite rare but, that happens when clients fail to do re-touches over a period of time.

What affects the results of permanent makeup?

There are a lot of factors resulting in the end results of permanent makeup. Environmental factors such as sun, makeup products used, your body chemistry will all result in how long it will last. Do you work out often? Do you use a sauna or steam bath often? Do you do chemical peels often? These are all factors that can affect your long-lasting results.

Since this procedure can change how you look for a long time. I want my clients to be happy, satisfied, and looking their best so what is important for me is to talk with my clients and discuss their needs before each procedure and what they want their end results to be.

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