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Introducing Brow Lamination

Why is it important to keep your brow game strong? The answer is simple; your brows frame the masterpiece that is your face. Full eyebrows help accentuate facial features, add symmetry to your face, and look regal at once. What is Brow Lamination? Brow lamination is the hottest new trend in the beauty space. This innovative beauty treatment involves a non-invasive procedure to help get unruly brows under control while creating fuller, fluffier-looking brows in less than an hour. This is done by brushing the brow hairs into the desired position with a lamination solution. The brow hair is then brushed upwards and outwards to create a full look.


Eyebrow Plucking


Absolutely love them! I am so happy with my brows.
T. Bradford

These turn out really well, not too dark just right. Wanted a natural look and they look exactly how I wanted them.

Hillary. L

Thank you so much for my brows, Sash took her time, made sure I was comfortable since this was my first PMU and they truned out amazing. I will be back for my annual touch up.

J. Garrison